Sharpen Your Pencils …

Walt Whitman once told a friend, “if I had more time, I’d have written you a shorter letter.”  In that spirit, we’re giving writers aged 6-12 months to craft their entries to this fall’s Toronto Roald Dahl Day Short Story Contest, based on Dahl’s beloved novel MATILDA. Here’s the writing prompt:

Craft a short story (1500 words MAX) about what you, a bookish middle-grade student with a mean-spirited gym teacher, Mr Trunchbull, would do if you woke up on a school-day morning and discovered you had telekinetic powers just like Matilda.

Send it to by Tuesday, October 9th.

An all star judging panel will read aloud and award cool prizes to the top stories before a special screening of Danny Devito’s film adaptation of Dahl’s novel, MATILDA, on Saturday, November 18 at The Ted Rogers Hot Docs Cinema (506 Bloor St West – at Bathurst). Don’t miss the 8th Annual Toronto Roald Dahl Day celebration!

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Chronicling 150 Years of Mouse City at Doors Open

We staged Mouse City Chronicles, a series of 5 model city-building workshops for urban planners aged 2-8, inspired by the past 150 years of Toronto development, at City Hall on May 27-28, as part of Doors Open.

Each session covered 30 years of local history, starting with 1867-1897 (Mouse City #1) and extending to 1987-2017 (Mouse City #5). Leading urban affairs authors – Adil Dhalla (right, top), Matt Blackett and Rani Sanderson (right, middle), Jane Farrow (left bottom), Jay Pitter (bottom, seated), and  Stephen Shapiro (left, middle) – conducted the sessions and served as Mayor of one of the five incarnations of Mouse City.

Our amazing team of craft artists – Tim Walker, Sarah Ramsey (bottom right), Tiana Roebuck and Rani Sanderson – and Board President Shana Hillman (middle, centre, with the CN Tower taller than its builder) provided craft materials appropriate to each era and guidance to literally thousands of wee urban planners and families over the weekend. We also had indispensable and inspired support from an amazing group of volunteers.

For more photos of Mouse City Chronicles, visit our Facebook Page (here).

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