Roald Dahl Day – Story Contest & Willy Wonka on a Big Screen!

rdd-story-contest-fbWriters aged 8-12 are welcome to take part in our 7th Annual Toronto Roald Dahl Day Story Contest, based on Dahl’s novel THE WITCHES. The deadline is this Friday (October 28).

Write a short story (1500 words Maximum) based on the following scenario:

Being a witchophile (or witch detective), you get an anonymous note that says Ms Weathervane, the owner of a hugely popular new art and antiques store in your neighbourhhood, who has messy, blue hair and always wears long, white gloves, is secretly a witch. Worse, it states that she only sells children’s books and toys to lure kids into her shop and kill them.

You pack your trusty guide to spotting witches, Roald Dahl’s THE WITCHES, visit the shop, and look for telltale clues. Is Ms Weathervane really a dangerous witch? Or is this charmingly eccentric, hipster shop-owner the target of a smear campaign by a jealous, mean-spirited rival merchant?

Send your story to by noon on Friday. October 28.


Judges will award prizes to the top stories at the 2016 Toronto Roald Dahl Day celebration on Saturday, November 12 at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers (AKA Bloor) Cinema. For times and tickets, click here.

Did you know that 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the legendary British children’s author’s birth? We’ll celebrate the centenary with a special screening of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, featuring the late great Gene Wilder as Wonka. Don’t miss this chance to see Dahl’s favourite film based on his novels on a big screen!

There will also be inventive DIY (Dahl-It-Yourself) crafts and a whizzpopping poll to figure out who Toronto considers to be the most heroic kid and the hands-down scariest villain in all of Roald Dahl’s books.

Treat your family to a day of “pure imagination.” For tickets to the 2016 Toronto Roald Dahl Day, click here.

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John Sobol Helps Cats Land in Mouse City

montage_mouse-city_john-sobolJohn Sobol (above) launched FRIEND OR FOE as part of a special edition of Mouse City, our model city-building project for kids aged 2-8, at Lillian H. Smith Library on October 22.  As Mayor of Mouse City, John helped his new feline citizens get settled.The young urban planners decided that cats and mice are “friends,” as opposed to “foes.

For more of Shana Hillman and Caroline Young’s event photos, visit our Facebook page (here).

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Introducing Our First-Ever Crowdfunding Drive

fundrazr-fb-bannerWe are committed to running FREE programs that inspire kids to tell their own stories. And our programming opportunities continue to expand. Being a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization, however, our resources are limited.

To keep our literary programs for kids accessible to families of all kinds, we’re running our first-ever crowdfunding drive. By contributing roughly the price of a picture book, you can enable us to offer FREE monthly programs across the GTA for a year. Thanks, in advance!

To support accessible literary programs for Toronto kids, click here.

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